Are you Looking For a Partner
with a High Standard for Ethics
and Environments?

GreenGoose is your partner to maintain sustainable
values, we can ensure that our products fulfils a
high standard for Ethics and Environment.

All GreenGoose products are independently tested to ensure optimal durability.
Our facilities are certified in accordance with environmetal and environmental regulations quality control systems ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.
GreenGoose is certified with FSC® and suitable for SUP directives.
We review all of our suppliers annually to make sure they maintain sustainability values, follow our Code of Conduct and EUs Regulations.

The barriers we as GreenGoose are using are based on dispersions of polymers in water. These polymers are very similar to the latex which is used in normal pigment coating in paper and board. Such coatings are not regarded as ”plastic”. This barrier material is not heat-deformable in the same way as for instance PE or PP and cannot be applied by extrusion. The performance in recycling and repulping is also very different from the commonly used plastic barriers (for instance PE). Because of these chemical composition and performance differences, there is good evidence that GreenGoose barrier is not containing plastic.




Our Standard plate is the best choice for dry foodstuff. The high development and high quality of the product have made our Standard plates preferred by many of our customers. The perfect combination of price and quality.


The new Brown range is the new face of Eco-friendliness.

The carton in these plates is not subjected to any bleaching process, giving them a more natural look.



Our laminated plates have an indefinite barrier against grease and moisture.

Most of our printed plates are laminated.

Bio-coating is a treatment that allows the consumer to enjoy any type of food on his disposable plate.

The bio-coating is a water-based lacquer that is 100% biodegradable.